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Graphic Production & Lamination

Graphic Production Capabilities

It's an exhibit's graphics that catch a visitor's attention, draw visitors into a booth, convey the client's message and hold visitors in the space.

It's Blair’s mission to help our clients accomplish this. Blair provides the in–house resources necessary to produce text and images on a wide variety of materials and substrates.

  • Flatbed printer - Print on Anything!
  • A CNC router is available to produce three-dimensional signage and letters. The router is capable of cutting any shape that can be drawn in vector format with extreme accuracy and repeatability. The router is a great tool for cutting contour graphics.
  • Three-dimensional products produced by the CNC can be finished to match customer color callouts such as brushed or satin surfaces.
  • Graphics may be mounted to a host of materials, including but not limited to acrylic, Foam-core, Gator-board, PVC, sign-blank and MDF.

We use state of the art production equipment to produce our high–end graphic material. We offer a wide range of printers to best serve our clients needs.

Ose Arizona 360 XT Flatbed printer – 8’x10’ft. flatbed, prints on ANYTHING!

Ose flatbed printer

Roland SolJet Pro2V SJ-1045 Eco Solvent Printer – 103" wide

Roland Printer

HP Designjet Z6100 Digital Printer – 60" wide


HP Designjet 5500 Digital Printer – 60" wide

HP5500 Printer

Roland CAMM-–1 Pro Vinyl Plotter – 30" wide

Vinyl Plotter

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